About the Author

Born of Puerto Rican and Venezuelan blood, raised in the streets of West Harlem, Luis Quiros learned early in life the value of forming a strong partnership between “street smarts” and scholarship. Quiros used this partnership to expose historical and sociological myths, as well as how fiscal policies and systems have plagued and affected the lives of those viewed as Others. Within classrooms and through writing and social commentary, Quiros goes beyond the research and captures narratives with a mentoring and community-building intention. Through his roles within non-profit and proprietary institutions, Quiros has brought expertise to challenge levels of service models that measure impact and how diversity and inclusion are defined. By transforming learning environments into creative, vulnerable and critical thinking spaces, Quiros has experienced how social change is possible. Quiros launched Justice Unplugged through radio airwaves as an hour-long talk radio show with a global reach and by building with different theorists and reclaiming a global philosophical framework. Formally, Quiros is an activist, community organizer, scholar and holds Masters degrees in both Public Administration focused on urban economics and Social Work with a concentration in community organizing, planning and administration. Quiros is also the author of An Other’s Mind (2011).